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Shepherds Physiotherapy Services


JON SHEPHERD BSc (Hons) MCSP – Lead Physiotherapist

  • Complex, chronic back pain
  • Shoulder injuries
  • Sports injuries
  • Joint manipulation
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Whiplash
  • Headaches
  • Visceral Manipulation
Jon Shepherd

Jon is a graduate in Physiotherapy from Keele University in 2006 and also a graduate of Visceral Manipulation from the Barral Institute. He offers advanced level assessment, treatment and management advice for a wide range of conditions, including chronic back pain, sports injuries, osteoarthritis, whiplash, headaches and many more.

Over the last 9 years, Jon has attended numerous advanced training courses on whiplash, Pilates, shoulder injuries, sports injuries and joint manipulation; he is also fully trained in Myofascial Release. In addition to these training programmes, Jon has undertaken Visceral Manipulation training with the Barral Institute UK, world leaders in manual therapy for chronic pain.

He has also completed the Integrative Manual Therapy course with the world-renowned Haydn Gambling, focusing on craniosacral therapy to resolve chronic limb and spinal pain. He has continued to do a wide range of sports specific courses and the 80 Hour Acupuncture Foundation Course. Consequently, his assessment capability and level of treatment for the whole person have been significantly enhanced, particularly in relation to the treatment of chronic pain. Jon’s commitment to delivering outstanding levels of treatment is demonstrated through his continued training with some of the world’s leading experts in their field.

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As a post-graduate, Jon practiced as a Junior Physiotherapist at The Great Western Hospital in Swindon, developing his skills and working with Senior Physiotherapists on the Orthopaedic Trauma and Elective Surgery wards, the Intensive Care Unit, the Stroke Rehabilitation Unit, Musculoskeletal Outpatients and the Outpatient’s Gym.

Since leaving the NHS to focus on his private practice, Jon has worked closely with other senior physiotherapists and orthopaedic consultants in London, particularly at London Bridge Hospital. He spent five years working as a Clinical Lead Physiotherapist at Nuffield Health’s main corporate health clinic in the City of London. During this time, he was also a Consultant Physiotherapist for Hogan Lovells Law Firm in London. Before leaving London to bring these high standards of patient care to rural Essex, Jon was regularly teaching and supervising other senior physiotherapists in London. Jon has also spent time at the Armed Forces Rehabilitation Centre, Headley Court, which enhanced his assessment and treatment skills, enabling him to deliver a consistently accurate and up-to-date diagnostic and treatment standard. He has worked with Mr Ian McDermott, Mr Paul Jairaj, Mr Livio Di Mascio and Dr Jon Houghton at London Sports Orthopaedics which has aided him in the development of a valid and up-to-date treatment approach to ACL and other sports injury rehabilitation, including tendinopathies.

In recent years, Jon has worked closely with Physiotherapist and Feldenkrais Practitioner, Ryan Jansen ( to enhance his understanding of the Feldenkrais approach to rehabilitation from complex and chronic injuries. The Feldenkrais Method® is an approach to learning and action through movement. It aims to improve our posture, breathing and movement patterns to make us more flexible, powerful and coordinated. This in turn should improve our comfort and understanding of our body and mind.

To develop his skills further, Jon has previously spent time working with Gordon Bosworth, a specialist in Manual Manipulative and Sports Physiotherapy and a Senior Governing Body Physiotherapist for the British Olympic Team. Jon was trained in Bike Fitting and Cycling specific physiotherapy by Dr Michael Callaghan, a former Team GB Cycling Physiotherapist. Furthermore, Jon has enhanced his knowledge and ability to help clients manage and overcome chronic pain through the pain anatomy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) approach researched and developed by the world-famous Professor Lorimer Moseley, Dr David Butler and Professor Peter O’Sullivan.

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JEMMA SHEPHERD BSc (Hons) MCSP– Lead Acupuncture Physiotherapist

  • Acupuncture
  • Musculoskeletal back pain
  • Insomnia
  • Systemic pain
  • Pilates
  • Visceral Manipulation
Jemma Shepherd

Jemma is a graduate in Physiotherapy from Keele University in 2006 and left the NHS two years ago after many years working as a Senior Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist for NHS West Essex. She offers assessment, treatment and advice for a wide range of conditions.

Jemma has undertaken many post-graduate training courses, including specific soft tissue mobilisations, myofascial release, shoulder pathology diagnostics, Acupuncture and Pilates. She recently started her visceral manipulation training which she is actively incorporating into her current daily practice. Her expertise place her as lead Acupuncture Physiotherapist at Shepherds’ Physiotherapy, treating a wide range of conditions from musculoskeletal back pain, to insomnia and systemic pain from a variety of medical pathologies.


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As a post-graduate, Jemma progressed quickly to become a senior musculoskeletal physiotherapist within the NHS. She worked in a variety of different departments, working closely with various Orthopaedic specialists on clients with fractures, soft tissue injuries, post-surgical procedures and chronic conditions.

Jemma trained in Pilates with the Australian Physiotherapy Pilates Institute in 2009, completing Matwork Level 1 plus further equipment training to incorporate Pilates with Theraband. More recently, she has completed Matwork Level 3 Pilates which is aimed at the more advanced exercises for high level performers. Pilates is a core stability training programme aimed at improving support for the lumbar spine to reduce low back pain and restore function.

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JAMES TAYLOR BSc (Hons) MCSP – Physiotherapist / Running Lab Lead Physiotherapist

  • Musculoskeletal treatment
  • Shoulder rehabilitation
  • Back rehabilitation
  • Lower limb rehabilitation
  • Running Lab specialist
James Taylor

James is a graduate from Cardiff University in 2009. Having worked in the NHS and privately, he specialises in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy and is now based solely at Shepherds’ Physiotherapy. He offers assessment and treatment for a wide range of conditions with a particular interest in shoulder, back and lower limb rehabilitation.

He has worked at Shepherds’ Physiotherapy since 2016 and has recently left the NHS to pursue his career as a private practitioner allowing him to focus on sports rehabilitation. During his time working in Australia, James completed a number of courses including a shoulder course by specialist Craig Allingham, advanced hip rehabilitation by leading Orthopaedic consultant, Phong Tran, as well as becoming qualified in Dry Needling, trained by expert Jorgen Forsberg. This western alternative to acupuncture is particularly effective in correcting muscle tension, a common cause of pain.

James is also the lead physiotherapist in our Running Lab where is works with runners of all abilities providing in-depth assessments to promote injury avoidance and recovery from injury. These assessments provide our clients with an analysis of flexibility, strength and running gait as well as carrying out diagnostic tests ensuring you will get the best results from your training programme.

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As a post-graduate, James practiced as a junior therapist at Basildon and Thurrock University Hospital developing skills in a variety of areas ranging from Cardiothoracic to Trauma Orthopaedics and Musculoskeletal physiotherapy.

After completing his rotations James’ ventured down under to work in a private clinic called Physio Freedom in Hamilton, Victoria. Here he honed his skills working with sports injuries from football to surfing, helping athletes return to activity. Management of back pain also became an interest and specialty having been particularly prevalent in this farming community. On returning to the UK James had a stint in Respiratory Physiotherapy, before becoming a Senior Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist at Herts and Essex Hospital for a number of years.

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FIONA WOOD MSc MCSP – Advanced Physiotherapist

  • Musculoskeletal assessment and treatment
  • Spinal, Knee & shoulder specialist
  • Post-partum musculoskeletal presentations
  • Mindfulness & relaxation techniques
  • Manual therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Myofascial techniques
  • Pilates
Fiona Wood

Fiona graduated in Physiotherapy from the University of Birmingham in 2005 and more recently has completed an Advanced Physiotherapy Master’s degree at the University of Hertfordshire. Fiona works across the NHS and private sector and offers assessment and treatment of a wide range of conditions with a particular interest in spinal pain, knee and shoulder disorders. She has broad experience in assessing persistent or complex presentations.

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Fiona completed her junior physiotherapy rotations at Whipps Cross University Hospital, which included working across musculoskeletal, trauma and orthopaedics, paediatrics and respiratory specialities. Fiona progressed quickly to senior physiotherapy positions within the NHS, where she continues to work as an Extended Scope Physiotherapist, specialising in musculoskeletal assessment, diagnostics and treatment. Her post also includes staff supervision and teaching roles. Fiona also has an active role with the Pain Service, specialising in helping patients with persistent pain and works alongside orthopaedic colleagues, specialising in knee osteoarthritis management.

She has completed a master’s degree in Advanced Physiotherapy which included developing advanced skills in the assessment and treatment of a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions. This also included injection therapy training and Fiona has further developed her diagnostic skills with a recent completion of a Post Graduate Certificate in Musculoskeletal Ultrasonography. Other post graduate education has included acquiring skills in Acupuncture, Pilates, soft tissue techniques and Myofascial Release.

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JAMES STRANDERS BSc – Strength and Conditioning Coach

  • Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Sports massage
  • Kinesiology Taping
  • Postural assessment/correction
  • Gait analysis
  • Heart rate analysis - in relation to load/metabolic process/recovery
  • Nutritional advice for improved sports performance
James Stranders

James graduated in Sport and Exercise Science from Loughborough University in 2017 and now practices as a strength and conditioning coach. He is also trained in sports massage and kinesiology taping to aid individuals in both the preparation and recovery aspects of sporting events. James has extensive experience in the elite sporting arena and his speciality is in the rehabilitation of lower limb injuries.

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Having worked as lead strength and conditioning coach for Loughborough Foxes (professional women’s football team) alongside studying to learn his craft, upon graduation James progressed onto Stevenage Football Club, where he specialised in rehabilitation and strength and conditioning.

As a strength and conditioning coach, James led the construction and delivery of periodised programmes for athletes, ensuring physiological adaptation to enhance sporting performance in accordance to sport specific mechanics. James progressed through the club, initially starting with the academy setup, then working with the first team, developing a keen interest in injury prevention and rehabilitation and has worked with an array of area specific injuries from acute to chronic.

With a high level of focus on injury preventative methods throughout program delivery, James designed and conducted rehabilitation strategies for injured players following referral and diagnosis from the lead Physiotherapist. Working with and monitoring previously injured athletes beyond return to full fitness to reduce chance of re-injury he would also identify trends to reduce the risk of potential future injury.

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FIONA HEVER BSc Hons - Physiotherapist

  • Musculoskeletal assessment and treatment
  • Chronic pain
  • Knee specialist
  • Vertigo/Dizziness
  • Migraines
image to come

Graduating in BSc Hons physiotherapy from Manchester Metropolitan in 2007, Fiona now joins Shepherd’s Health as Physiotherapist, specialising in vestibular therapy.

Fiona started her vestibular journey back in 2012 with courses on peripheral dysfunctions and central and peripheral disorders. In 2015, she completed her first JEMS course which has brought all of her learning together and provided the insight and research to allow this holistic style of treating to be evidence-based in clinical reasoning. Fiona has gone on to complete level 2 and will complete Levels 3 and 4 in the next 2 years. Alongside specific assessment of joint mobility and strength, soft tissue treatments, mobilisations, advice on pain management and strategies to bring patients back to their previous function, she mainly uses this JEMS form of assessment and treatment with her patients.

In 2016, Fiona attended the advanced balance course with leads in the field from America including Neil Shepard, Ronald Tusa and Richard Clendaniel. She works closely with ENT and neurology consultants as well as various counsellors.  

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Fiona has worked in the private sector at Spire Hartswood hospital since October 2010, with an interest in complex presentations of pain, including chronic pain with MSK disorders. Fiona has also completed an orthopaedic medicine diploma course in Peripheral and Spinal modules.

She has studied many courses over the last 9 years including Thoracic outlet, cervical spine works across the NHS and private sector and offers assessment and treatment of a wide range of conditions with a particular interest in spinal pain, knee and shoulder disorders. She has broad experience in assessing persistent or complex presentations.

After graduating, Fiona volunteered in Nepal for 3 months working as a physiotherapist across a variety of disorders in a children's day centre, providing much-needed physiotherapy treatment to disadvantaged children.  

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BARBARA SCOLTOCK – Registered Professional Counsellor MBACP & IPTUK

  • Confidential counselling
  • Individuals
  • Couples
  • Children/Teens
  • Families
  • Relationships
  • Emotions
  • Behaviour
Barbara Scoltock

Barbara is a qualified professional therapist with over 15 years’ experience in working with people of all ages dealing with a range of issues. Here at Shepherds’ Physiotherapy/Health, she provides a safe space where her clients can talk about their thoughts and feelings without fear of judgement or criticism. Barbara provides a platform for empowerment, positive change and goal achievement.

In 2013, Barbara trained and qualified as an accredited Interpersonal Therapist (IPT) undertaking a specific 16-week therapy course, working through transitions, unresolved grief, disputes and sensitivities. She invests in her own professional development and professional learning and has recently continued her training within IPT work with the Anna Freud Centre studying Interpersonal and Social Rhythm Therapy for clients with Bi-Polar.

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Barbara began her counselling career working with local clients who had been referred through the community mental health team. This is role as an advocate, she assisted clients with accessing available services, giving them a much-needed voice; she also trained volunteers in mental health awareness in the role of befriending co-ordinator. This role evolved into assessing referrals from GP’s and allocating cases primary or secondary mental health services where Barbara became clinical lead, managing a team of screeners.

It was at this point as an advocate and befriending co-ordinator, that she was inspired to become a counsellor in her own right. Barbara began four years training in Person-centred Therapy; with the final year working within a GP surgery. 2003, saw her qualify and be awarded a Diploma as a Person-centred Therapist and she soon began counselling people with a range of issues, including mild to severe anxiety, depression, post-natal depression, relationship problems and bereavement.

In 2009, Barbara became a Family Systemic Practitioner, working with many families experiencing family separation, bereavement, issues with couples, children and adolescents and those experiencing difficulties with adopted families.

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