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I would like to thank you for your ongoing support of Shepherds’ Physiotherapy & Pilates. We have worked very hard over the past five years to deliver health care and Pilates instruction of the highest standard. We have done this by ongoing training and development of our staff and sticking to our moral belief that people will gain more from treatment and instruction from experts who are able to tailor assessments, treatments and exercises to each individual’s need. We continue to offer day time, evening and weekend physiotherapy appointments in order to fit in with your busy lifestyle.

Staff Training and Development

Our lead Physiotherapist, Jon, has been undergoing extensive further education over the past two years. He is now qualified to assess and treat using a range of visceral manipulation techniques for chronic and acute pain, developed by the world renowned Barral Institute. 

Jon has also been training in manual therapy to treat and manage chronic and complex pain through a range of neurological techniques developed and taught by Mr Haydn Gambling of the Manual Therapy Institute.

All of this further development has allowed Jon to approach assessment and treatment with much more understanding of both Physiotherapy and Osteopathic approaches.

Our Pilates Instructor, Natalie, is now offering a variety of massage therapies including: Swedish, Full Body, Chinese Cupping and Bamboo Deep Tissue. These can be booked at the following times:

Tuesday 1200 – 1630hrs
Thursday 1130 – 1700hrs
Friday 1700 – 2000hrs 

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