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Need help with your diet and nutrition?

At Shepherds’ Physiotherapy we are committed to helping you with all your health needs. From chronic pain to acute injuries and sporting performance, we can help. We are delighted to announce that on 9th May 2018, leading Nutritional Therapist, Juliet Schaffer of Evolve Nutrition, will be teaming up with us and will be running a clinic at Shepherds’ Physiotherapy. Do any of the following apply to you?

  • Tired all of the time and have less energy than you used to?
  • Struggling to maintain or achieve your ideal weight?
  • Digestive problems or discomfort?
  • Food sensitivities or intolerances?
  • Experiencing mood fluctuations?
  • Weakened immune system?
  • Blood sugar irregularities?
  • Suffering PMS?
  • Seeking to enhance your sporting performance?
  • Seeking to improve your general feeling of health and well-being?

Juliet can help you with a diet tailored to your lifestyle and needs. For more information and to book your consultation, contact us today on 01371 700466 or drop us an email at

Read more about Juliet below:Juliet Schaffer Nutritional Therapist

Juliet Schaffer, Registered Nutritional Therapist,
BSc. Nutritional Medicine (BSc. NutMed.), BA Hons., DipM, mBANT, CNHC

Juliet specialises in personalised health, and is passionate about the powerful effect of natural nutrition to promote optimum well-being.

As a degree qualified Registered Nutritional Therapist, she will support you to achieve your health goals by devising a individualised nutrition and lifestyle programme to suit your health needs. She can be there every step of the way to help you with your nutrition and lifestyle changes, ensuring that these are both realistic and manageable for you.

Juliet is dedicated to her clients and completely passionate about all things nutritional. Her ethos in creating Evolve Nutrition runs deeper than helping you to eat healthily; it's about empathy, support, motivation, education and success. Each one of these elements creates a pathway for a healthier You to last a lifetime.

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