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Ski Season Is Coming…!

Now the ski season is nearly upon us have you thought about preparing your body to get the most out of your holiday and avoid potential injuries? Are you fed up of trawling the internet to find endless amounts of exercises which aren’t necessarily relevant for you and your prehab? You should consider a trip to Shepherds’ Physiotherapy for a Ski Fit Assessment and bespoke exercise programme.

The assessment finds lack of mobility, tightness and/or weakness in muscles and joints that may hamper your performance or make you more vulnerable to injuries. An experienced physiotherapist will then be able to direct and provide you with exercises specific to your presentation to ensure you don’t waste time on generic exercises and focus on those that will make a difference.

We have picked our top three exercises on improving your Skiing potential however as mentioned an individualised programme will be better suited to your body and your skiing style.

1. Quadricep and gluteal strength are essential in protecting the knee and holding good form throughout your down hill run. This exercise found at is a great way to improve your dynamic strength and cardiovascular fitness to tackle the toughest slopes:

2. Ankle flexibility is also essential in maintaining good foot, knee, hip and back posture to allow you to hold your form on your descents. Without it, it can result in overworking the quadriceps, place increased strain through the knee joint and focus your weight at the back of the skis.

This is a cracking exercise to work on your dorsiflexion whilst applying a glide to the joint, you can be creative or we supply band at the clinic:

Ankle Exercises

3. Hamstring strength, essential but overlooked. Studies have shown that proportionally stronger hamstrings to quadriceps is important in preventing injury. This is because we depend on our hamstrings to rescue us from the ‘back seat’ position in skiing, if too weak we are less likely to right this and end up falling. There are several hamstring exercises out there but a favourite for me is the dead lift. It sounds more terrifying then it really is, important to ensure good form and start light (no weight to light hand weights!).

Hamstring Exercises

Make sure you’re doing the right exercises for you and book in a session at Shepherds’ Physiotherapy for a Ski Fit Assessment. We’ll provide you with an individualised programme emailed or printed using We can also offer follow up treatment or exercise sessions to get you in top shape before tackling the slopes. Call 01371 700466 or email now!

Need some inspiration to remind you of the fun of skiing…


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