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knee brace for skiing

At Shepherds’ Physiotherapy we measure, supply and fit people with a large range of different supports and braces for all body joints and conditions. We are sellers and distributors of the world’s leading brands of braces, supports and insoles (Donjoy, Aircast & Langer). In particular we are Donjoy Approved Sellers of the custom built Defiance III knee brace. So if you require any of the following, or more, please contact us today to discuss your needs and get ready for an active 2015 and beyond:

Supports for everyday use, sport, post-surgery, overcoming injury, returning to sport, arthritis.  

  • Knee Braces: Donjoy Defiance III, Donjoy Armor FourcePoint, Donjoy Full Fource, Donjoy Playmaker II, Donjoy Reaction Knee, Donjoy OA Reaction Web, Donjoy Sports Hinged Knee.
  • Ankle Braces: Aircast AirSelect Walkers, Aircast  Air Stirrup II, Aircast Air Sport, Aircast A60, Aircast AirLift PTTD Brace, Aircast AirHeel, Aircast Heel Wedges.
  • Elbow Supports: Aircast and Donjoy Tennis Elbow Supports
  • Wrist Supports: Procare Thumb Spica, Donjoy ComfortForm Wrist
  • Shoe Insoles: Langer Bio-Advanced Insoles Range
  • Maternity Belts: Procare

For more information about what the Donjoy Defiance III brace is for and how it can help you, check out this video clip:

Or, the Donjoy Reaction Knee Brace:

To book in for an appointment or to order a brace, contact us today. 

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