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Low Back Pain: The Perfect Storm

Suffering lower back pain? Have had for years or it has recently started? The world of science and health care has moved on and so should the treatment methods we use to help you. At Shepherds’ Physiotherapy our treatments are based on the latest research into the management and treatment of all types of pain, not just lower back pain. Today we bring you another fascinating video from Professor Peter O’Sullivan who is leading the world in research into how we should manage our clients who suffering pain and specifically lower back pain. As you may have watched and read in our previous blogs, there are many factors that influence our pain, not just mechanical dysfunctions found on X-rays and MRI scans. At Shepherds’ Physiotherapy we strongly stand by our approach to treatment and look at each individual as a whole and all the factors in their lives that could be contributing or causing their pain. We are then able to treat and advise on way to resolved the pain. We do this successfully every day. For an insight into the sort of approach we take and why we are so much better than other therapy clinics check out this great video discussion from

If you are suffering from any form of ill health or pain and want to get back to full health, why not contact us today and book an appointment or just make an enquiry.

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