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Shepherds’ Physiotherapy has a new Running Lab!

We are excited to now offer a new Running Lab to the Runners of Great Dunmow and surrounding areas. Should you be a seasoned runner or just starting out we can provide you with an in-depth assessment to ensure you avoid or recover from injury.

We offer two different packages that include assessment of your flexibility and strength, training programme, running gait as well as specific tests that suits your needs over the course of 3 sessions. It also includes manual therapy to help reduce pain and/or increase flexibility to get you back on your feet. Should you feel the need for more sessions you can upgrade to our Gold package which includes an additional 3 treatment sessions. On completing your package, a review will take place approximately 6 weeks later to ensure the right gains are being made.

Below you can see a brief outline of what to include in each session. So, what are you waiting for? Get your running kit on, grab your trainers and contact us today

Running ClinicSilver Running Package (4 Sessions) - £170.00

Session 1: Initial Assessment (60 Minutes)

  • Discuss your current injury or running goal
  • Assess lower back and lower limb strength and flexibility
  • Specific diagnostic tests
  • Formulation of your tailored strength and conditioning programme
  • Injury Treatment depending on time and need

Session 2: Training Analysis (45 Minutes)

  • Discuss your current training and future goals
  • Analyse current training regime (we can use your Strava or Map My Run data to help!)
  • Adjust your training programme as necessary
  • Injury treatment as required

Session 3: Running Gait Analysis (45 Minutes)

  • Video analysis of running gait on our treadmill or outside
  • Discuss running style and suitable changes to technique
  • Re-analyse running gait
  • Amendments to your strength and conditioning exercise programme as necessary
  • Injury treatment as required

Session 4: Review (30 Minutes)

  • Analyse performance progression
  • Adjustments to your Training Programme and running style as necessary
  • Review again if necessary

Gold Running Package (7 Sessions) - £295.00

The same as the silver package but with 3 additional 45-minute treatment sessions. These can be booked as deemed appropriate by your therapist and with your availability in mind.

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