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Physiotherapy Case Study: Insomnia

A common misconception is that physiotherapists only treat sports injuries, back pain and give out exercises. This is far from the case at Shepherds’ Physiotherapy. We treat a wide range of health problems ranging from sports injuries and back pain, to headaches/migraines, irritable bowel syndrome and insomnia. This can be done with a combination of therapies including acupuncture, relaxation, cognitive therapy, visceral manipulation and cranial therapy.

Just recently a client came in to see us who had been suffering from insomnia, stress related anxiety and fatigue for over 4 years. This client had no specific pain or musculoskeletal problems. Following just one session of visceral manipulation and some advice the client reported 6 full night’s sleep on 6 out of the 8 days between the initial appointment and the next follow up. At the second session we did some cranial therapy which instantly made the client feel relaxed and like a weight had been lifted off them. We will continue to treat as necessary until we have got the client back to full function.

Sleep is vital for our health, as is movement and breathing.

If you are suffering from any form of ill health or pain and want to get back to full health, why not contact us today and book an appointment or just make an enquiry.

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