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The acronym ACL has become synonymous with Skiing. This is mainly due to the traumatic nature of injuries which result in an excessive twisting of the knee. The best thing we can do to avoid this sort of injury without wrapping ourselves in cotton wool is to prepare the knee for what we are asking it to do. Literature supports the use of strength and conditioning as one of the most important preventative measures in injury, ideally specific to your sport of choice. Flexibility particularly at the ankle can be another important factor in injury prevention.

ACL exercises

At Shepherds’ Physiotherapy we have the skills to direct you in your ‘prehabilition’ be it going off piste or chasing a lob for your hotdog down the line (remember this great moment: ).

Donjoy knee brace The Defiance IIIHowever, should you be unfortunate enough to sustain an ACL injury we are up to date with the latest knowledge in graded rehabilitation to get you back on the slopes the following year.

If needed we are able to recommend the best consultants locally, refer for an MRI and direct your treatment throughout your recovery. From the early stages of acute management of swelling and pain, onto strength and balance training and finally sports specific rehab to get you back to what you love doing most. And to boot we provide Donjoy knee braces for added protection – The Defiance III is a market leader and made to fit for added protection.

So, don’t delay whether it be pre or rehabilitation come and see us to today. Call 01371 700466 or email us at

A great article on knowing when you are ready to return to sport from British Journal of Sports Medicine -

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