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Sports Taping

At Shepherds’ Physiotherapy we use a variety of methods to help get you back on the court, pitch or wherever your sports take you, that bit sooner. One method we use which has had a lot of publicity over the last few years is taping, this is likely down to its appearance with high profile sports players and the bright colours it comes in now!

sports tapingsports taping

Taping can be used for many things, to provide stability at a joint, increase muscle activity and assist with blood flow and the lymphatic drainage. Techniques really depend on the clinician and the patient in front of them, it is so versatile and can be adapted to any body shape or size, in some instances making it preferable to braces and supports.

At Shepherds’ Physiotherapy we have a wealth of knowledge in tape application. Be it to help you recover quicker from an acute injury or provide you with more confidence and support when returning to your sport or activity towards the end of your rehabilitation.

Many techniques can be found online for guidance. Here’s an example of shoulder taping to provide support

And another to help with swelling

However, you can’t beat an assessment and taping customised to your specific need by a trained Physiotherapist. For more information and to book an appointment, contact us today.

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