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Gluteal Tendinopathy

In recent years there has been a great amount of research into tendinopathies, none more so than the tendons of the gluteal muscles.

Hip Pain Treatments

This is reported as the most common cause of lateral hip pain and is particularly prevalent in women over the age of 40. Pain is normally elicited during activities such as walking and hill or stair climbing.

A few tests have been evaluated for a clinician to determine whether a patient has a gluteal tendinopathy. These include a 30s single leg stand, FADERs (Flexion, Adduction and External Rotation of the hip) and FADER + resisted derotation. These are best applied by a therapist to correctly determine the cause of pain.

There are several things you can start doing to help assist with the tendon. Modify your activity; determine what you have done differently to bring on this pain, whether it be starting to run or walking a bit further than normal, your gluteal muscles may not be up to the task!

Take the pressure off the tendon. There are many common postures which can overload the tendon and lead to lateral hip pain. These include sitting or standing with legs crossed, lying on your side or in standing hanging on one hip. If avoided this can see a dramatic improvement in your symptoms. Here is a great table provided by
Lateral Hip Pain Treatments

Physiotherapy can assist in relaxing muscle tension which can lead to increased pressure on tendons and muscle inhibition. Furthermore, they can help to correct gait and pelvic control to reduce your symptoms, using strengthening exercises specific for the individual. This is the way to prevent your hip pain from returning in the future, rather than relying on injections and pain killers.

Think you might be struggling with a gluteal tendinopathy or another form of hip pain or injury? Why not contact us today and get assessed and treated? Call us on 01371700466 or send us an enquiry.

For Additional Information why not listen to this great podcast by Physio Edge with Dr Alison Grimaldi:

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