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At Shepherds’ Physiotherapy we do a wide range of treatments and therapies from sports injuries to back pain. We also specialise in management and treatment of chronic pain, be it lower back pain, neck pain or joint pain. Our lead therapist, Jon, is trained in a wide range of manual and cognitive behavioural therapy techniques that can help you overcome your pain.

Chronic Pain Management

We know that your symptoms will be a result of more than just mechanical dysfunction such as an arthritic joint in the spine or a dehydrated disc in the spine. The following factors influence the symptoms of pain and stiffness that you feel:

  • Mechanical dysfunction: disc prolapses, arthritic joints, muscle spasm etc.
  • Physical and mental/emotional stress.
  • Fatigue and a lack of sleep.
  • Muscular weakness.
  • History of multiple traumas: car accidents, falls, sports injuries etc.
  • Fear and anxiety of pain and damaging the body.
  • Depression.

We look to address all of these factors in order to treat your symptoms. This involves manual therapies such as Visceral Manipulation and neural manipulation, as well as Cognitive Functional Therapy. For more information on this checkout this explanation by Physiotherapist, Professor Peter O’Sullivan:

It is vital that your therapist takes an individual patient centred approach to treating you. We look to dispel the myths of pain and treatments you have been taught in the past and help you overcome the fear of your pain as well as reducing the need for pain killers to just function in everyday life.

For an interesting insight into the approach to treatment we take please enjoy this video clip of Physiotherapist, Professor Peter O’Sullivan talking about successful treatment techniques for chronic pain:

If you are interested in overcoming your pain then contact us today.

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