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Our Expanding Team!

Saturday, June 1, 2019

New Physiotherapist Joins Growing Dunmow Practice Shepherds’ Physiotherapy are pleased to announce the newest member of our growing team, Fiona Wood. Fiona is an extremely experienced Physiotherapist and has completed her Advanced Physiotherapy... Read More

Notice of Price Change for 2019

Saturday, December 1, 2018

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Marathon Training Support

Friday, October 26, 2018

Marathon Training Support with The Running Lab The Virgin Money London Marathon ballot results are now out and should you be ‘lucky’ enough to have gained a place your training should be underway! The most common reason for sustaining a running... Read More

Getting Fit For Skiing

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Ski Season Is Coming…! Now the ski season is nearly upon us have you thought about preparing your body to get the most out of your holiday and avoid potential injuries? Are you fed up of trawling the internet to find endless amounts of exercises... Read More

Opportunity for Skilled Physiotherapist

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

We are recruiting! Are you an enthusiastic and well skilled Physiotherapist looking to join a growing clinic in North Essex? We are looking for you! Please see our job specification below and if you are interested please get in touch on 01371700466 or via... Read More

Rehabilitation after ACL Injury

Friday, April 27, 2018

ACL Rehabilitation The acronym ACL has become synonymous with Skiing and Football. This is mainly due to the traumatic nature of injuries which result in an excessive twisting of the knee when the foot is planted. The best thing we can do to avoid this... Read More

New Running Lab Available For All Runners

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Shepherds’ Physiotherapy has a new Running Lab! We are excited to now offer a new Running Lab to the Runners of Great Dunmow and surrounding areas. Should you be a seasoned runner or just starting out we can provide you with an in-depth assessment to... Read More

Diet and Nutrition Advice Clinic Now Available

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Need help with your diet and nutrition? At Shepherds’ Physiotherapy we are committed to helping you with all your health needs. From chronic pain to acute injuries and sporting performance, we can help. We are delighted to announce that on 9th May... Read More

Dealing with shoulder pain

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Have I really got a frozen shoulder? Far too often we see patients in the clinic with an incorrect diagnosis of frozen shoulder. It is an easy label for shoulder pain and is the first go to for many GPs including Dr Google himself. However, there is good... Read More

Dealing with elbow pain

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Tennis Elbow It is the number one cause of lateral elbow pain. Although a common injury amongst tennis players it is not solely defined to this activity. It is generally an overuse injury of the muscles that extend or stabilise the wrist; whether its... Read More

Physiotherapy For Hip Pain

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Hip Pain Structures in and around the hip commonly cause pain, and are particularly rife when we enter our middle years. We see many complaints at Shepherds’ Physiotherapy, be it joint pain from age related changes or irritation of the muscles and... Read More

Preventing and Treating ACL Injuries

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

ACL - PREVENTING AND TREATING ACL INJURIES The acronym ACL has become synonymous with Skiing. This is mainly due to the traumatic nature of injuries which result in an excessive twisting of the knee. The best thing we can do to avoid this sort of injury... Read More

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